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How many cars do you have on your property that are sitting around and collecting whatever creepy thing is crawling around in your backyard.  Maybe the car shut off on you while you were driving it down the street and you were not able to get it started again.  Maybe you have had it in your family for many many moons and you would like to finally get rid of it, but you can’t find anybody to take it off your hands.  Well, the good news is, there is a service that will pay you cash for your junk vehicle.  We can usually pick it up the same day and pay you the amount you were offered right over the phone, when our driver shows up on the spot!

Call for your free quote today!

Call for your Free Quote Today!

Do you like making money? I mean who doesn’t right! Some people if not all people like getting some extra cash in the pockets and spending it on stuff they need ,like bills or gifts for themselves.  However in all honesty, who spends their extra money on bills?  I know I don’t, but, don’t tell nobody, that will be our little secret! Obviously cash is a commodity that you need to live life, like, taking your wife out on a date, which believe me you should do to keep her happy, or maybe buy her some nice things she can wear.  All women like nice things.

Maybe you would like to spend the money on yourself.  You might need some manly things like a new chainsaw, or some power tools.  Maybe to take the girl you really like out sometime, or buy yourself some new clothes.  My point being that everybody needs money in their pockets to make themselves happier in life.  The only problem is, that even tough life needs money to survive, money can also be the root of all evil.  Meaning that if you have money and a lot of it, it can begin to consume you and take you over.  I have some friends that I have seen money ruin their lives.  Some people are smart with their money and other people can’t handle it.  Hopefully, you are one of the people that can handle all the money we are going to put in your wallets.  I am happy to announce that we can fill your wallet up for you with no problems, the most cash paid in town.

Say you or a friend you know have a vehicle up for sale, running or not, it does not matter, we will purchase your car and pay you cash when our driver shows up.  The process is very simple all you need is your title and our phone number, once you have those two you can call us up right away and we can give you a quote within minutes.  It is that simple and easy and we can help you get rid of that painful eyesore that has been bugging you for years.

Call us now at 201-355-4855 for your free quote and we will get you the amount you’ve been looking for all day!

cash for cars new jersey

Easiest Ways to Make Money Today


Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it. You know exactly what I mean. Every single one of us has wondered how to make the most money in the easiest way possible. It doesn’t mean that you are lazy, it just means you are curious. You’ve probably spent a few hours on the web trying to find out how, but just ended up nose deep in scam offers. Maybe you signed up for one or two of them. I admit that I’ve tried to find that pie in the sky idea that isn’t one of those schemes that get someone else rich fast while your pockets go empty. Although I haven’t found a source that can give me daily, simple to do ideas to make lots of money and retire in a year from now, I have discovered that I help one person at a time add money to their wallets. I find this satisfying enough for now. How do I manage to provide people more flow into their income? I give them cash for their vehicles.

cash for cars new jersey

Get that Junk Vehicle Picked up Today!

I want your old, used, rusty, broken down, no good truck that hasn’t been fired up in 15 years and has been the home of a pack of rodents this whole time. How about a newer minivan that your kids drew all over throughout the interior with permanent markers and the exterior has plenty of shopping cart dings, parking lot dents, plus a few key marks from the brats next door. I will pay you cash for any scrap vehicle. You say you have a 1980′s coupe with a turbo that is burnt out and missing the bucket seats? No problem! Wait? A sedan that had its rear end smashed in and is missing the windshield after that awful wreck? I hope you and the kids are all okay, and yes, I will buy it from you.

Over time, we all realize that get rich schemes are just that… scams that have a whole lot of promises unfulfilled. Over here, there is no scheming. In fact, we actually guarantee our over the phone quote. We tell you a specific dollar amount and then I will pay you that, in person. Cash in your pocket today sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? So, before you go back to signing up for another pyramid type investment club, consider your other options. Maybe that old Honda could get you a down payment for a new vehicle or pay off some of your credit car bills. That Pontiac doesn’t look as good as she once did years ago, and maybe it is time for a new ride. If it is, we can help you out in a hassle-free environment. No hoaxes, no lies, no “it only costs $500 in start up fees and then monthly donations of $200 to prove to us that you are serious about our company’s vision.” Anytime anyone tells you to pay them before they pay you, beware! Not only will I pay you cash for your junk vehicle, but I will not charge you anything at all. The tow is free. Not everyone is honest about how their business works, but I won’t charge you to have your vehicle removed. Our company is a safe place to get fast cash, guaranteed.  Call us now for your free quote! 201-355-4855.

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